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ELIXIRIUM NATURA is a Greek company to create reliable and high-quality natural cosmetics for skin care, body care, facial care and hair care.

ELIXIRIUM NATURA products are based on the excellent quality of the famous organic olive oil and is also enriched with natural, active ingredients from certified pharmacy of nature. Organic aloe, argan oil, olive leaf extract, chamomile, tea tree and vitamins effectively enhance our products to meet every need for daily care and care of every skin type. Every product has multiple actions: moisturizes, protects from environmental attacks, prevent and treat the signs of aging and decay brought about by time. The use of pure, 100% organic certified essential oils revitalizes, tones and removes tension and stress.

A key advantage of natural ingredients is to enhance the natural skin function. The quality and content of the natural extracts, essential oils and other active substances ensures maximum effect. The Greek nature with high biological value herbs, is a priceless treasure and inspiration. Our symbol has a dual meaning: leaf and water drop. The leaf, wonderful specimen of nature, implies the one the plant origin of the products, while water is a source of life, stimulating and revitalizing.

ELIXIRIUM NATURA aims to remain true to its mission of promoting a natural lifestyle.

The vision of ELIXIRIUM NATURA spreads through quality, effective and safe products.

The low prices of our products support the prevailing view of the company, that an excellent product to be tilted in favor of the consumer.

The philosophy is one and unique: NATURALĀ  AND EFFICIENT PRODUCTS.


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